1st exclusive video and relevant tutorial section added

A CRO exclusive video on how to clean and lube a brushed electric motor has been added to the Gearboxes and Motors tutorial section. In addition, a tutorial section titled CRO Exclusives now exists. The new Tutorial video is included below for your convenience.

12V to 24V tutorial section and videos added

A tutorial section for 12V to 24V conversions and a relevant video were added today. In addition, the Body and Electrical tutorial sections now include new videos. The 8 new Tutorial videos are displayed below for your convenience.

Tutorial sections, videos, and links added

We added a decent bit of tutorial content today. The following tutorial sections have been created and include new videos and/or links: Getting Started, Electrical, and Accessories. The Body and Misc section has been renamed to Body. A few of the links and videos in existing sections were moved for better organization. The 11 new Tutorial videos have been included below for your convenience.

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