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  1. jenny says:

    Hi,, i hope someone can help I’ve have been researching for days.I recently acquired a Kawasaki super shock in great condition. Runs good in low gear but when twisting the handle for turbo it still runs low gear. The funny thing is turbo works in reverse. I guessing there’s a wire switched and it must of been from factory .it has little wear for it age. .I need a wiring diagram to check color of wires so it can be made correct for the turbo to work properly thank you In advance. Jenny.

  2. Erik Larsen says:

    My son has a Motion Trendz Yamaha Raptor and we would like to speed it up….any suggestions

  3. Ben says:

    I just picked a Yamaha raptor 700 I got it for almost nothing but I has NO electronics I’m a auto mechanic and I think I want to put a custom motor and chain drive in it. The stock parts (what I can find) is over 100$ and I can’t even find the wiring harness so I think it will be cheaper to build what I want any advice

    • Chris Hozian says:

      My advice is to start a thread on modifiedpowerwheels.com regarding this project. Someone may chime in to sell you the stock components for a great price or provide insight into making it chain driven. You’ll find that there is a great community supporting this hobby on those forums. With many people providing their input, I’m sure that most, if not all, of your questions will be answered. I would not have gotten nearly as far with this hobby if it weren’t for the invaluable help I received from there.

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