What is CRO all about?
It’s all about custom ride ons, and some about stock ride ons too! This encompasses pretty much anything educational and entertaining in regards to ride on vehicles (tutorials for customizing ride ons, videos and pics of ride ons in action, and much more)! Sorry, we do not specialize in birds, or specifically crows for that matter. 😉

What’s up with the black crow?
1. Crows are scavengers by nature, which is why they tend to frequent locations inhabited by humans in order to eat their household waste. Now think about where most modders get their parts. Yeah, that’s right … one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
2. Some crow species are capable not only of tool use, but of tool construction as well. That sounds like a modder to us.
3. Crows actively hunt and occasionally cooperate with other crows to make kills. Modders generally help each other out by locating needed parts and providing assistance on projects.
4. Crows are now considered to be among the world’s most intelligent animals. Modders are generally pretty smart.
5. The initials for this site are CRO. Duh!

What can you tell me about the shop?
The shop contains ride on themed apparel and merchandise for sale at the lowest prices possible. It is hosted by CafePress and includes designs by CRO. Since our prices are set as low as CafePress allows, we do not make any profit off of sales from the shop. If you have an idea for a new design, such as a personal phrase, or an additional CafePress item to be added to the shop, please let us know and we may add the new design or item for you.

Who is Chris Hozian?
For one, he coined the following phrases.

“Eewsh, boosh, bagoosh, Sideshow Bob!”
“Hunky-dory, Apple Schnitzel!”
“Honey booger sugar dump!”

Why haven’t I heard any of these phrases before?
You obviously don’t get out much! 😛

What else might he be known for?
He runs this site and the chozian0 YouTube channel.


  1. Chris Davidson says:

    i have whats called a feber motorcycle. thats all i know. no model number, serial number. i cannot find it on any website. just its made in spain and the company still exists. i would like to know more about it. is there somewhere i could send you some pics. i am on modified power wheels. i do not pay. cant afford the 24 dollars a year. sad i know. i have six kids and own my home and now currently the only one working. so gotta do what i gotta do. i used your links to modify my daughters harley davidson to 18. oh so sweet. and am now fixing a gator which i just posted a couple days ago also from your link on there. ive never seen this bike before. got it off craigslist for 20 bucks. its so awesome. just would like to work on it. but its so weird. the wiring is so different. at least for me. let me know if your interested in seeing the pics. you can text if you like. if not, then just leave me an email address here i can send pics too. thanks for all youve let us know. it h as been extremely helpful. nice to know there are still a large group of people who still help one another. sincerely chris. [phone number removed by admin]

    • Chris Hozian says:

      I’m very grateful to hear that information on CRO and MPW has helped you out! Thank you for letting me know that. 🙂

      I found you on MPW a few moments ago and replied to your post about the Harley upgrade. Don’t worry about the $24 a year on MPW. That is simply an optional donation method to help keep the site running. If you are unable to donate monetarily, I suggest disabling any ad blocking software that you may have installed while visiting MPW. Jason Huber, the guy who runs MPW, gets a little income from the ads shown on MPW. That income helps cover the expenses of running MPW (e.g. web hosting). The same goes for CRO as well.

      Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Feber products. Others on MPW may be though. I have created a thread at http://modifiedpowerwheels.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5051 for us to continue this discussion. Pictures would be very helpful and can be posted there. If you have trouble posting pictures to that thread, I sent you my personal email address in a PM.

      I removed the phone number from your original comment for security purposes. I wouldn’t want a spammer or prankster calling you.

      I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    • Chris Hozian says:

      Chris, please let me know if you receive an email notification for this reply. I’m testing out a new feature on CRO. Thanks in advance!

      • chris davidson says:

        Yes I received an email. Thank you. I work second shift. I will try to post pictures hopefully tonight when I get off work. Doing this right now from phone.

  2. Jestine says:

    I saw your YouTube video about the 12v Kawasaki super shock and I love it. Where can I find that bike for my daughter?

    • Chris Hozian says:

      Thanks for the compliment! =)

      Unfortunately, the 12V Power Wheels Kawasaki Super Shock dirt bike has been discontinued for quite some time now. I don’t see a comparable model that is currently being sold. At this time, you would have to buy used to get it. I recommend posting a want ad on craigslist for your geographic location. You could also post a want ad on modifiedpowerwheels.com. A forum member nearby may have one available to sell you. Good luck!

  3. Sandra Catoe says:

    I just bought a Feber Harley Motorcycle at an auction, just like the ones on website http://modifiedpowerwheels.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5051. I have contacted Feber about a manual or someone to instruct me how to charge the battery.This is an older product and they have nothing for me to download. The charger has little “black and red pinchers” to connect to the battery. I hooked them up to something last night and nothing happened this morning when I pressed the gear on the handle bars. The charger has a 6V or a 12V, I don’t even know what volts this motorcycle is. Can anyone help. I am just a Nana trying to get this running for my grandkids. It is really a cool looking motorcycle, they would love this. I have searched a bunch of places trying to find anything remotely the same and was amzed to find the photos on the above web site. thank you for any help you can give. I just need to know how and where to charge. again thanks for any information

    • Chris Hozian says:

      The battery is most likely bad, especially if it is an original. Remove the battery from the motorcycle and take it to a battery store such as BatteriesPlus. Ask them for an equivalent replacement. They will tell you the voltage. Then you can set the correct voltage on your charger.

  4. Gary Neville says:

    I need a grave digger hood with tabs on it and was told to check with you. That you may have one or know someone that has one. So I’m checking. Thank You for any help you may be able to offer Gary also known on modifiedpowerwheels as Nibbs Thanks

    • Chris Hozian says:

      Unfortunately, I sold my only Grave Digger hood within the last 2 weeks. If I come across one or find someone who has one, I’ll let you know. I also replied to your personal messages on the MPW forums.

  5. At Kocsor says:


    I’ve just watched your modification of RazorE100 scooter on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALh6Gkdp7v4

    Would you send me the schematic? In Hungary I can’t buy a new controller. On the others, the batteries are not so good.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. nick says:

    Do you happen to know where can one find gearboxes/motors and the relevant circuitry?


  7. jordan says:

    Hello I was wondering if you make these cars or what?? Like can I order one or no?? Thanks

    • Chris Hozian says:

      I do not make these vehicles from scratch, but have modified a number of stock vehicles for various reasons (e.g. speed increase). None of mine were available for online ordering without local pickup. In the past, I would occasionally list them for sale on craigslist to those in my local area. The primary purpose of this site is to act as a resource hub for those interested in modifying their own vehicles.

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