Rally wheel clock

My wife got me a rally wheel clock for our 6 Year Anniversary. I really love it because it is the perfect clock for a modder. The second hand is the needle from a tachometer. The minute hand is the tip of a flathead screwdriver. The hour hand is one end of an open-end wrench.

Harbor Freight Rally Wheel Harbor Freight Rally Wheel 2

One of the most amazing aspects of this clock is that it can be had for under $10 from Harbor Freight. Considering the level of detail and quality, I would have expected it to cost at least $30.

Videos and site map added

A brand new video titled “Power Wheels Super 6 Quads, Barbie Trail Rider – 6V to 12V Upgrade” and a number of not so new stock vehicle videos were added to the Entertainment Videos section.

In addition, an user friendly site map was linked in the site footer. Enjoy!

CRO launched Sept. 8th, 2011

CRO was officially launched on September 8th, 2011!

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